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Theo Jansen, a Dutch artist and engineer who created an international sensation by¬†building large mechanisms out of PVC that are able to move on their own, known as Strandbeest. These Strandbeests, living art forms that use no source of power other than the raw kinetic power of the nature, wind and gravity, yet displaying amazingly complex lifelike movements, stunned us by the ingenuity of design and engineering. Yet at the same time these creatures reminded us just how little we know about the power of creativity. We love the Strandbeests because we couldn’t imagine they were possible!

Theo Jansen claims himself to be a Great Pretender. He almost possesses the power of creating life forms, a god like power with very little at hand; no computers, no touch screens, no nuclear energy, no radio waves…yet his creation greatly resembles living and breathing life forms. Imagine what we can do with all the advanced technologies.

Theo Jansen may be a great pretender of god. Modern humanity has the real power of god. Soon enough we will be amazed by our very own creations of robots, artificial intelligence that resembles real humans and exceed all our imaginations. The question is then what?

With the power of creativity, we may no longer pretend to be gods. We will become gods of the world. Before that day comes, we should think hard and be prepared, the responsibilities we have and what the future will bring us.