Human Insights

Great strategy and design come from deep human insights and empathy of business stakeholders, team members and end users.Powerful ideas are generated through deep insights of people. With years of user centred design experiences, Bo’s approach to strategy and design is based on empathy. Whether its creating persona and scenarios using existing research, or conducting user research through interviews and focus groups, Bo loves working with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

A key element of insight driven design is empathic design. The foundation of empathic design is observation and the goal is to identify latent customer needs in order to create products that the customers don’t even know they desire or, in some cases, solutions that customers have difficulty envisioning due to lack of familiarity with the possibilities offered by new technologies or because locked in an old mindset.

Once deep insights are uncovered through empathic design principles, we can unlock most powerful ideas and great innovations.

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